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You Can Reach Your Potential in 2021

January was named National Reach Your Potential Month. 2021 is finally here, and now is the perfect time to reset and work toward becoming the best version of yourself. After navigating the unprecedented events of 2020, let January be an optimal time to focus on your priorities. Keep reading for some tips to help you reach your potential both personally and professionally.

Believe in Yourself

Oftentimes the first step to realizing your potential is simply believing in yourself, which can be easier said than done. Do you ever tell yourself; “I’m not good enough,” “I’m a procrastinator,” or anything else along those lines? Negative self-talk causes low self-esteem and confidence issues over time.

Once you change the way you talk to yourself, you will notice a positive correlation to your mood and determination. Write down affirmations on sticky notes such as “I can do this,” or “I am strong and successful” and post them around your home and workspace. You will actually begin to believe the positive sentiments after seeing them repeatedly, and you’ll feel better about yourself and more motivated to complete your tasks.

Make a Plan + Take Action

What do you want to accomplish this year? This decade? Maybe you have always wanted to start your own business but never knew how to take the first step. Reaching your potential is about setting goals and seeing them through to completion. Start executing your more complicated, long-term plans by doing research. Free, helpful information can be found all over the internet. From there, break down large tasks into smaller, easier ones. Taking the first step can be the hardest part, but once you do it, inspiration will follow and your creativity will flow.

Think about why you want to achieve the goals you set. Will the results bring positive change to your life and help others? It's totally OK if you need to adjust or abandon your goals for new ones if it turns out they aren't the right fit. Plus, life throws us curveballs that can affect your goals. For example, if your goal is to exercise 5x per week, this may look completely different in the age of COIVD-19 if you aren't comfortable going to a gym.

Effective workouts can be done at home, and there are free programs to assist you. The CLC Connect Program On Your Left provides you with equipment-free workouts each week that are easily accessible on our youtube channel and Facebook page. You can also check out our previous blog post for more in-depth tips about setting new years resolutions and sticking to them:

Be Mindful

Incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life can be a simple way to keep your ambitious drive alive. Becoming present and aware of your surroundings can stop you from being overwhelmed and distracted. If you start to feel the stress piling on, stop what you’re doing and take a few deep breaths in and out, grounding you in the present. Check out CLC Connect’s program Mindful Monday for more tips from Tatiana about living mindfully here.

If you’re stuck dwelling on a mistake you made or something that happened in the past, it will be hard to move forward and reach your full potential. If you focus too much on the future, irrational anxiety follows, and you can miss out on life happening in the present moment. Of course we need to consider the future when making goals, and we learn from our past mistakes, but a dose of daily mindfulness can really make a difference in your motivation.

I hope these tips were helpful and motivated you to go after your dreams! Remember to stay patient, keep calm and utilize the resources around you. If you're 16-24 and facing barriers to success, contact Molly at 614.282.7661 ext. 1 to learn more how we can help you reach your potential through the A.M.P. Program. You can also click here to apply. Stay tuned for more posts coming soon.

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