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How to Give Back This Summer

Summertime gives us the opportunity to spend time outside with loved ones, soak up the sun and relax. It is also a wonderful time to give back to your community.

1. Start a Community Garden

Many communities already have garden spaces set up, so check with your town to see if it has one with space open. If not, ask your city hall about starting one! Don’t worry if you are a beginner, there are a variety of easy crops you can grow yourself with some basic gardening supplies, including:

· Cucumbers

· Lettuce

· Sweet potatoes

· Cantaloupe

· Basil

· Tomatoes

You can always use your own yard space to garden if you have it available, and then donate the produce you grow to a local food bank! Or, you can apply to farmer’s markets in your community once your garden starts thriving.

2. Host a lemonade stand or bake sale

Lemonade stands are iconic in the summertime. They are also a great way to raise money for those in need. Take your lemonade stand to the next level! Get your neighbors involved and plan a community lemonade/ bake sale, and donate the profits. Just make sure you have the correct permits for your city before selling anything. Refreshments are a great way to bring the community together and make new connections!

3. Volunteer and donate

Summer is a great time to get out into your community and volunteer. Food banks and kitchens can always use volunteers, and in the summer when many children miss out on school meals, this is an important way to help others who are less fortunate.

Other ways to volunteer during the summer include lifeguarding at your local pool, summer camps, or animal shelters. Many local libraries and nonprofits have summer reading programs to encourage people of all ages to read. If you have a creative hobby or you want to help others learn a new skill, try volunteering as tutor or teacher.

CLC is always looking for volunteers for our programs, which you can learn more about at If you have limited time to volunteer, consider donating to CLC and other organizations that help the community.

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