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The Benefits of Earning a Certificate

In today's competitive job market, it can be overwhelming to be a job-seeker. Earning a certificate is an affordable, convenient and effective option for making yourself stand out among job candidates. If you are looking to expand your skillset or even jump into a new

career field, a certificate program can help you succeed. There is a vast variety of certificates to be earned in nearly every industry. Chances are, there is a certificate program in a growing field that is a right fit for you. Some programs are designed for those with previous training and can be great resume builders. Other programs are meant to immerse beginners into a brand new field, helping them land an entry-level position when the certificate is earned.

Earning a certificate can help leverage you financially by significantly raising your chances of finding a higher-paying job. According to a U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics study, professionals who have an active certificate or license make 35% higher weekly earnings on average than those without one. Certificate programs also tend to be much less expensive than a two or four-year degree program, making them more accessible. A certificate can be earned in a much shorter timeframe than a college degree, usually ranging from a few months to a year. Certificates are a flexible education option for people who want to keep working while they learn and get into their field of choice more quickly.

CLCWorks is launching a variety of Certificate Programs, most of which are industry recognized. With industry-recognized programs, there is an extra layer of assurance that your education will get you into the career you want. Every program CLCWorks offers is in a growing career field, and they can be completed virtually or on a hybrid model. CLCWorks instructors truly care about student success, and small class sizes ensure each student gets specialized, one-on-one attention whenever needed. Some of the Certificate Programs include:

  • RISE Up Customer Service & Sales

  • Microsoft Word

  • Computer User Specialist (CompTIA A+)

  • ACE Personal Trainer

  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

Visit for more information and updates about CLCWorks Certificate Programs.

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