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Tips for Safe Technology Use

We must be technologically savvy to survive in this day and age. Technology is used in homes, on the job, and even as a focus for recreational activities. When people are illiterate in this area, their quality of life is impacted.

Check out these tips to help you safely and successfully use technology!

1. When creating a password, incorporate numbers, capital and lower case letters, and symbols (I.e. $<+&) in password. Also, the best passwords are at least 12 – 15 characters long.

2. Be careful when using the same password on multiple platforms. If the password is discovered, it will be easy to access your private information.

3. When using a public device, be sure to log out when you’re done and opt out when asked if you want the device, browser, site or app to remember your password.

4. Periodically delete history, cookies, temporary internet files, and saved forms from your web browser.

5. When browsing your email inbox, pay close attention to the sender. Use caution when opening emails and attachments from unknown addresses.

6. When using social media apps and sites, read the privacy policies to find out who else has access to your information and how they can get it.

7. When using social media, remember nothing is private and even deleted material could be accessed by the right person. Use wisdom when posting!

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