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The Future is Bright!

“With goals you can create the future in advance.” -Tony Robinson

Our programs are thriving. Our students and participants have one success story after another, but we’re not stopping there!

The Future of Our Current Programs

CLC is meeting the needs of the community through our ever expanding spectrum of services available to children Pre-K all the way to our adults. We have family programs as well as other Community-Based programming for adults. We also have the ASPIRE program which focuses on teaching adults English. Our Citizenship, Civics, Workforce Development, and Transitions programs are all ones that we want to see continue to grow and meet the needs of our community.

New Opportunities

CLC is looking to expand our adult services to include more offerings with integrated education and training and offer certificates to our students to allow them to be better equipped for the in-demand and growing career opportunities in Central Ohio. We are looking to expand certificate programming to include certificates in a variety of in-demand careers. This growth will first be an expansion of the internship programs that CLC offers; but, as funding allows and we continue to develop partnerships for the certificate programs, we expect this to grow quickly. Current plans include expanding customer service and non-profit administration while also seeking to expand into certificates connected to hospitality, hotel industry and various medical-related careers.

We Need Your Help

CLC is a non-profit and we depend on charitable donations as well as volunteers that serve in a variety of capacities. Some of these areas include: classroom tutors, individual tutors, advisors, speciality trainers, relationship connectors, and event planning.

If you have an interest, we can get you connected! Whether you are seeking to work with adults or kids, want a weekly or monthly commitment or just want to create an event to raise awareness, CLC can use help. As we have continued to expand services to meet the needs of both our native-born citizens as well as the many new Americans that we serve, CLC has found that relationships that the students build with others in our community are key to their success.

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