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Literacy on the Playground

Did you know that basic literacy skills like counting and spelling can easily be incorporated into your everyday life with you little one? After children have been introduced to a literacy skill, parents and guardians can reinforce learning by making learning fun! We all know we’re more likely to focus and invest time and energy into something if we enjoy it.

Literacy on the Playground

While at the playground, counting can easily be incorporated to the fun! Parents and children can practice counting steps from the car to the jungle gym, or how many steps it takes to get from the slide to the swings.

Spelling can be practiced while swinging! Shout out a letter with each forward and backwards movement. Taking a walk around can also provide the opportunity for kids to build their vocabulary and spelling abilities. Spell the objects that you see! For example, if you see a tree, practice spelling T-R-E-E.

Working with kids doesn’t have to be difficult or require a lot of extra work. Making learning fun is the key to creating life long learners.

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