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Literacy, Education, and Employment...Oh My!

There is a direct correlation between literacy, education and employment. For many years, college was promoted to high school students as the best option for higher paying jobs. In recent years, people have started to question this because of the debt required for a four-year degree. There has also been a recent call for tradesman. Over the year, many young adults opted for the college route leaving the trades open and now needing workers.

Regardless of the career path and education post high school, one thing is constant: continued education.

Why Literacy Matters for Employment

In 2017, Career Builder found that 41 percent of employers are hiring college-educated workers for positions that previously were held by those with high school diplomas. This means that those without a college education were not considered for the job.

When we stop and look at this, it means that postsecondary education or technical skills training, education beyond a high school diploma, can very well hold the key to employment in the future. In order for those educational opportunities to be a viable option, individuals must have high enough literacy levels to pursue them.

Every year, thousands upon thousands of young adults graduate from this county alone. However, many do not. Of those who do graduate, many do not continue with any additional training. Some of them choose other paths, but some do not have the necessary skills to continue.

So, let’s bring this closer to home; how can you impact the lives of those around you to increase adult literacy levels?

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