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Illiteracy In Your Neighborhood

Illiteracy is a global problem. UNESCO Institute for Statistics reported that 56% of children in elementary school are not reaching minimum proficiency levels in reading and math. Minimum proficiency refers to low levels of basic literacy skills.

These children are growing up in a world that relies heavily on nonverbal communication. Whether communicating for personal or professional reasons, we text, use apps messenger apps, or email. In order for our future leaders to grow up and be able to be fully involved in society, adequate literacy levels must be reached. Illiteracy limits people’s chances of success and hinders full interaction with the world around them.

Numerous studies have proven that children are more successful with learning and education when the parent is involved. However, parents can’t help increase their children’s literacy levels when their literacy levels are not proficient. So, how can this cycle be broken?

CLC offers programs to assist adults, teenagers, and families to increase their reading, writing and other literacy skills. Our focus on the entire family unit is a strategic plan to better serve our community.

We need your help to continue providing these services to members of your community, your neighborhoods. Checkout our Connect With Us page to learn about different ways to volunteer and give.

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