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How Will You Impact Others in 2020?

And just like that, 2019 is over! Today is the start of 2020, a new decade. Today is also the day many start working on their New Year’s Resolution. Maybe that’s you; maybe you have decided that this year you are going to lose weight, take your workout routine to the next level, pay off debt or even strengthen relationships with people you’ve lost touch with.

Whatever your resolution, I want to pose the question, what impact will you have on others this year?

If you lose weight, will you feel more self confident and be motivated to meet new people? If you stick with your new workout routine, will your energy level increase and allow you to do more in your community? If you pay off some outstanding debt, will that free up financial resources to pay it forward at your favorite coffee shop?

How will impact others in 2020?

If you want to have a great impact on your community, join us at CLC! As a nonprofit in Central Ohio, we can not serve those in need without the support of our community. There are many areas that you can assist, from volunteering as tutor, to volunteering at an event, or making in-kind or financial donations.

Consider working with us and helping us to increase employability, enable future education, encourage civic involvement and promote family stability and support!

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