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Creating Career Stability: Workforce Development Month

September is Workforce Development Month, a time to recognize the importance and contributions of our nation’s workforce professionals. Individual states provide a variety of employment and job training programs that help U.S. workers acquire the education and training services necessary to get back to work. Not only are they beneficial to those seeking jobs, but for businesses so that they may get in contact with the possible employees they need. Now, more than ever, assistance to those looking for work is needed.

What is Workforce Development?

The core of workforce development is to place workers in jobs that have career development opportunities, and to help nurture that possible development. The overall objective is to develop skills and abilities of participants, create career stability for individuals, and economic prosperity for all involved. These programs range from helping In-School-Youth to Out-of-School-Youth, and those already within the workforce. Varying states have different sets of programs and opportunities available.

What Types of Services Do They Offer?

Workforce Development programs are based on individuals as well as employer services. Individual services are as follows…

  1. Training and Talent Development

  2. Job Search Support

  3. Career Planning and Support

  4. Youth Development and Placement

Workforce Development Professionals have to learn and understand the individuals they’re working with in order to help them achieve their employment goals. Each individual requires a different level of assistance, whether it be testing, job matching, leadership skill development, or assistance in occupation or academic learning.

Employer Services are listed below…

  1. Employee Training and Talent Development

  2. Employee Section Support

  3. Employee Recruitment

  4. Human Resource Planning and Management Support

This category of services is centered around the progression of employee skills and assisting businesses in acquiring the most qualified and fitting candidates. Maintenance of your employees and consistent aiding and nurturing in their progression of their careers, build a stronger foundation for your company as well as confidence within your employees.

Federal employment and job training programs help Americans obtain the education and training services necessary to return to work, and help businesses find the workers they need. Due to COVID-19, now more than ever are our workforce development professionals playing a key role in sustaining our economic growth and keeping people employed. So take some time and honor those who have supported the economy and worked hard to help others earn a living. Happy September and happy Workforce Development Month!

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