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Today, my 3-year-old and I went to the library. There was no special event or activity happening for his age group. We just went so that my son could explore how fun the library can be. It wasn’t crowded which made the entire ordeal a lot less stressful for me; using our inside voices is still a work in progress!

I so enjoyed watching him run through the children’s area, pointing out characters and animals on the Covers of the books on display. Dinosaurs and dogs were the main charters of the books he wanted to borrow. When I read the title of one book to him, the word “daddy” stood out to him and he insisted on taking it home. But, the book that made him the most excited was about a little black cat, “Max the Brave” by Ed Vere.

In the last four hours, we’ve read the book five times...yes, five. He’s obsessed and honestly, I couldn’t be happier. You see, my son loves books. He insists that I read and reread the same stories over and over again. While it can sometimes become tiresome, I love when he decides it’s his turn to “read” to me. He retells the stories how he remembers them. He repeats phrases and adds his own flare to the story. Can my 3-year-old actually ready all of his favorite books? No, but he knows the story and he loves to try.

As parents, we introduce new concepts to our kids and nurture them. We model how to do things and then support them as they try and figure out how to do it on their own. As a mother, I know that in order for my son to have a successful future, he must be literate. Beyond literacy skills, he must have an interest and desire to learn and explore for himself. Utilizing free resources, like the library, opens a door to countless opportunities for kids of all ages to learn. Make it a point to see what your local library has to offer you and your family this week. Show your family how fun literacy and learning can truly be!

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