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CLC...It Works for Me!

CLC is dedicated to improving our communities and neighborhoods by providing comprehensive case-management and services to immigrants, refugees and native-born Americans. In serving Central Ohio, CLC offers a spectrum of programming that purposes to move individuals along the path to self-sufficiency and generate outcomes that 1. Enable Future Education; 2. Increase Employability; 3. Encourage Civic Involvement; and 4. Promote Family Stability and Support.

To ensure that individuals and their families acquire the necessary skills to achieve the outcomes desired, CLC offers Case Management and a myriad of direct services including, but not limited to, services to improve skills in reading, writing, math, English language (ESL, ELL), workforce skills, career exploration, life skills, financial literacy, health literacy and computer skills so they may reach their fullest potential in life and participate productively in their community.

CLC is a provider of the A.M.P. program. This program is funded by Franklin County Commissioners and administered by FCDJFS. A.M.P. provides skills and employability to youth. CLC is also a provider of the ASPIRE program. This is a program that is offered through a contract with the Ohio Department of Higher Education. This program offers services to adults in our areas of service.

CLC is a direct service provider of services to low-income populations. CLC offers programing throughout Central Ohio in 16 partner sites. Through these partnerships, CLC provides services at other sites throughout Franklin County and the contiguous counties. And, just as CLC regularly reviews services and programs to determine need based on the demand, CLC routinely reviews the clusters of clients so that we may seek additional sites in the appropriate neighborhoods. By removing the barrier of transportation/distance, CLC is able to achieve more success to offer program completion. Additionally, community workshops, life skills classes and a variety of other opportunities are offered around Central Ohio.

CLC continues to serve as a resource for training volunteers to work with agencies and tutors to help with reading recovery as well as mentoring relationships. CLC has been actively expanding our services, based on the increased demand. Currently, CLC offers 32 programs in Franklin County. And, as the demand often drives the development of services, CLC is always considering new opportunities that will benefit our clients. We strive to hear all our clients express, “CLC...It works for me!”

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