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Using Magnets to Spark an Interest in Reading

Magnets are a popular, cheap toy at out house. My 3-year-old loves them! He loves to redecorate my fridge and even move them around to the front and back (metal) doors of our house. His favorites are the photo frames. He loves talking to himself about the people in the photos and retelling me stories about them. His second favorite magnets are the letters; you know, the ones you can move around to spell out different words. Often times, playing with these sparks his interest in singing the ABC’s!

Magnets are a great, and inexpensive, tool to have around the house to reinforce literacy skills. For older children, having a set of letters on the fridge could be a fun way to write silly messages to each other. For younger children just learning to read, they can be a fun tool to spell out vocabulary words. And for young toddlers, they are an excellent way to introduce letters and words!

Check out the different, awesome letter magnets sells! Remember, by shopping at Amazon Smile, you can support Columbus Literacy Council, because with every purchase, Amazon donates. If you can’t find magnets to match your kitchen color scheme, shop around, or pick up a cheap can of spray paint and class them up with a rose gold or silver coat!

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