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The Power of Home Organization

January has been designated as National Mentoring Month, National Reach Your Potential Month, and finally, Get Organized Month. If you feel like your home is in a constant state of disorganized chaos, you are not alone! Today I'll be giving you some tips on getting organized in 2021.

In our consumerist culture, we are bombarded with ads all day & night on TV, on our laptops and cell phones. As advertisements are becoming more targeted and accurate, it can super tempting and easy to buy things online that you want but probably don't need. This month, try to catch yourself each time you purchase something online (or in-person) and ask if it's really essential. Over time you'll notice that you have way less clutter, making it easier to start organizing.

Adopting a policy of minimalism doesn't have to be strict or extreme. To get a head start on Spring cleaning, take a look at what items you don't use that are taking up space. Maybe your closet is overflowing with clothes you haven't worn in years. Extra clothes, books and many other household items can be easily donated no matter where you live. Here are some more quick tips for household organization:

• Roll up t-shirts and put them vertically in your dresser instead of folding and stacking. This way you won't have to rummage through all your shirts to find the one you want, and you can fit more in the drawers.

• Investing in a paper shredder and file folders may be useful if you find yourself with stacks of mail or other documents around the house. Some mail can be thrown away or recycled, but many bills might have sensitive information that you need to shred.

• In the kitchen, keep your most used dishes on the bottom shelves of your cabinets and store less-used pieces in harder-to-reach places.

• Invest in some turntables or trays for your spices and other small items in your kitchen. This will help keep your counter clear and less cluttered. There are also inexpensive organizers/containers you can buy to store silverware and other utensils inside drawers.

• Get rid of your "junk drawer," or at least organize and rename it. If it's truly "junk," you don't need it! Maybe it holds your home office supplies like pens and paperclips or important personal documents.

• Is your bathroom cluttered with a million different toiletries and cosmetics? Go through all your hair, skin and makeup products and throw away anything expired. Donate or throw out anything else left over that you haven't used in the past few weeks. This process should help you clean out your bathroom and at the end, you'll be left with just the essentials for your skincare and haircare routines. I like to keep my makeup in one bag, skincare products in another, and hair products in a third. This makes for a no-fuss morning routine because I know exactly where everything is. Also, there are many inexpensive shower organizers you can buy online for in-shower storage like this one:

Hopefully these tips help motivate you to start tidying up your living space! A more organized home can lead to a more organized, prosperous life. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any more suggestions or if you tried out any of these tips.

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