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Celebrating Halloween During COVID-19

Halloween is definitely going to look different this year. Trick-or-Treating will be cancelled in many neighborhoods, but you can still have a fun, safe Halloween experience. Read on for some creative ways to celebrate this year while staying safe at your home.

Virtual Costume Party

You can host a virtual gathering with friends and family using video platforms like Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Hold a costume contest with a digital gift card as a prize incentive for the winner. You can also watch scary movies together in real time virtually through Netflix's Teleparty feature.

Decorating + Cooking

What's Halloween without pumpkins? Pumpkin carving is a tradition that doesn't have to stop this year. If you don't want to carve the pumpkins, you can use acrylic paints to decorate them. There are tons of free templates online you can print and attach to your pumpkin if you don't want to freehand your design. After carving, put your pumpkin on display and save the pumpkin's seeds and toast them for a delicious, healthy snack. You can of course also make other tasty pumpkin treats such as pumpkin pie or muffins.

Scavenger Hunt

Hide candy and other Halloween-themed prizes around the house or in the yard for the kids to find and collect. Here is a downloadable scavenger hunt list you can print out. Buying or making a piñata is another unique way for the kids to get their Halloween candy fix. You can also include your neighbors in the fun by making goodie bags and delivering them to doorsteps in your neighborhood.

Bonfire Fun

If you have the outdoor space, you and your family can have a spooky, fun Halloween night by spending it around a campfire, telling scary stories. Roast marshmallows over the fire and make Halloween s'mores by melting candy bars like Milky Way or Snickers. Yum!

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