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Beginning Steps to Create a Literacy Rich Environment

Creating a literacy rich environment at home is an important aspect of raising literate children. It’s also really easy to slowly incorporate different aspects into your home. We’ve created a short list of ideas for you to implement. It’s important to do what is best for your family. So, pick a few ideas to incorporate, modify them, or use them all!

1. Books, books, and more books! Check out your local dollar store and stock up on books. This provides a cheap option for children to choose from. Topics can and should vary and can focus on your child’s interests, whether it be dinosaurs, princesses, animals or cars!

2. Encourage reading with a child’s book shelf. It’s important for children to have books within their reach. This can help books and reading become a regular recreational activity!

3. Chalk boards. Chalk board paint is an inexpensive item that can be purchased and painted on anything from walls to table tops or small wood panels. You can create a surface that can encourage learning, literacy, and creativity through drawing and writing.

4. Utilize entertainment. There are many children’s shows on tv and YouTube that parents can help reinforce learning at school and home. In a recent study, it was found that children who watched Sesame Street had more success in school than those who didn’t. Watching and engaging with these shows with your children can help you not only bond over something they like, but also show them that learning is fun and important.

These ideas are simple to incorporate in your home and can have lasting effects on your children. They also show that learning is fun and it is something they can do! As parents and guardians, literacy starts at home and literacy starts with you.


For more information on the Sesame Street study, visit

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