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The Power of Your Giving

For many people, having the power to change and improve other lives is a privilege. Sometimes, acting on feelings and giving back is a great way to reinforce personal feelings, values or beliefs. With Giving Tuesday just around the corner, we want to highlight what is possible because of our generous donors.

Throughout the years, CLC has had the privilege of serving thousands of individuals and families with our programs. Our organization was founded on community programs led by volunteers to help equip adults with the literacy skills needed for a successful life. We still offer community programs focused on Adult Basoc Literacy and Programs for English Language Learners; our programs have continued to expand.

When you give to CLC, your donation helps to support programs that offer education to families, teenagers, and adults that allows them to gain skills needed for life. Employability, financial stability, better control of life because of greater understanding, and new beginnings have all been possible through our work because of your giving.

Explore our website, check out what we offer your community, and reach out if you have questions! As Tuesday draws near, we ask that you consider partnering with us and supporting the great work we do in Central Ohio.

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