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Increasing Employability Across the Board

Every successful workplace has intelligent and motivated employees. However, some of those employees are held back because of low literacy skills. When employees are able to receive literacy training, they become an invaluable asset to the organization. They also see changes in their personal lives which positively impacts not only their families but their community as well. Literate employees need to have the following skills:

  • Verbal and written communication

  • Understanding policies and procedures

  • Using technology

  • Solving problems

CLC works to provide training to individuals needing to increase these literacy skills. We not only focus on the skill, but we help each person explore different areas these skills will impact.

CLC offers training for teens through our Achieve More and Prosper, A.M.P., program as well as training for adults. Employers can bring CLC in to the workplace to work directly with their employees. Providing these different avenues to reach a wide range of people is one way we strive to follow our mission, to increase employability, enable future education, encourage civic involvement and promote family stability and support. 

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